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Don’t  Fall Victim to Online Scams
Horizon Bank is dedicated to protecting your personal financial information.  We want to provide you with tools and information to help you educate yourself on how to avoid becoming a victim. Please click here  if you would like further information about online fraud and on how to protect yourself and your personal information while using the internet.

How to Identify Online Fraud
While online banking is widely considered to be as safe as in a branch or at an ATM banking, the number and sophistication of online scams continues to increase dramatically. You should always exercise caution when giving out your personal information over the internet.  Please keep in mind that no reputable financial institution will ever request your personal information via e-mail. For a list of recommendations on how to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud, please click here .

Online Banking System Security Information
Our online banking system is in compliance with all the rules and regulations of banking and bank security as set forth by the FDIC. Our system utilizes a password controlled system entry, a VeriSign issued Digital ID for the internet banking server, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption, and a firewall to regulate the flow of server traffic. For more information about the measures we take to protect your personal financial information, please click here .

Data We Collect
Horizon Bank does not retain your personal information when you visit our site. However, we do gather some non-identifying information to allow our site to better respond to your needs. Please click here if you would like more information about any data collected when you visit our site.

How  To Report A Problem
If you suspect your debit card has been compromised, please notify us immediately.   During our normal business hours of 8AM – 5PM on non-Holiday weekdays, call us toll-free at (866)914-2265 or by email to customer.service@horizonbanktexas.com to report the issue.  After hours, call (800)264-4274 and request to speak with an ATM monitor or the security department. 

For any other issues, you can call us during any non-Holiday weekday using the (866)914-2265 toll free number or any of our branch offices.  Email can also be sent to customer.service@horizonbanktexas.com for reporting any banking problem, question or request for assistance.  If you feel it is important to send confidential information, please use a secure method such as mail (P.O. Box 685133 – Austin, TX 78768), the message feature in our Internet Banking system or our free Secure Messaging service.  (This free service is accessed from the drop-down list of our Online Systems on our website, www.horizonbanktexas.com.)   The Message feature in our Internet Banking system or the Secure Messaging service will allow you to type any confidential information and attach any documents that may be related to your problem. 

We will need a description of your problem and the action you would like the bank to do to assist you.  We will need your name and information related to the account and transaction.  We do provide specific reporting instructions on reporting errors or questions about electronic transactions in our Regulation E  disclosure included with your monthly statement and on our website.

Circumstances for unsolicited Contact by the Bank
Our staff may contact you by telephone, email or text message if we discover there may be unusual activity or transactions that may be suspicious or processed through what we consider a high-risk channel.  In these cases, we generally will want to confirm that the transactions were legitimate and approved.  Our staff will identify themselves and explain the reason for the contact.  We should NEVER ask for your passwords or security codes.  To assist  you verify our identity, our staff should be able to provide you information such as your account numbers, transaction details or other personal information that is associated with the account that is related to the reason of the contact.

Special Security Services Available Upon Request
Adding additional layers of security options to your accounts and services can prevent  fraud attempts since they will make it more difficult to complete the transactions successfully.  To open the document that explains all of the free services incorporated or available to our customers, please click here .

Fraud Awareness Customer Self Audit Worksheet
This simple questionnaire was designed to help our customers perform a self-assessment on their fraud awareness.  By taking this quiz, you may discover that you are exposing personal and financial information to fraudsters.  Even if your answers to the quiz show you are doing everything recommended, we cannot guarantee you will be fully protected from fraud.  However, your risk should be lower by taking reasonable precautions.  To access this Fraud Awareness Quiz, please click here .

Fraud Prevention & Response Guide
We understand that many customers may want  more information about fraud prevention and information on how to respond to a fraud attack.  We have created this guide to provide valuable information, recommendations and tools for responding to fraud attempts.  To obtain the Fraud Prevention & Response Guide, please click here .

Identity Theft Guides
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the government agency that is primarily responsible for prosecution, tracking and educational information related to Identity Theft.  They have created several consumer protection guides that contain information on how to prevent or respond to ID Theft attempts.  We have links to copies of these guides on our Applications & Forms page.  To download these guides, please click here .

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