Horizon Bank
About Us

Horizon Bank is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with branches in both Holland and Salado, Texas. With a charter dating back to 1905, we have over a century of experience serving central Texas customers.

In an era when the banking community is dominated by national organizations, Horizon Bank offers banking for Texans, maintaining a commitment to the communities that we operate and live in. Our institution is locally managed and responsible to local shareholders. Our independence from the national banking movement allows us to offer personal service and individual attention to our customers. Servicing the personal banking customer, small business owner and corporate or institutional entity alike, Horizon Bank touts competitive rates, quick responses and a local decision making process, a rarity in today’s industry.

We pride ourselves on offering the following personal and commercial services:

  • Online Banking (personal/commercial)
  • Checking (personal/commercial)
  • Small Business Lending
  • SBA Loan Program specialists
  • Personal Loans of all types
  • Real Estate Lending
  • Savings and CD’s
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Horizon Deposit (merchant capture system)
  • Cash Management Services (commercial)

We settle for nothing less than the cutting edge in banking technology. In an effort to expedite monetary transactions and reduce costs for small businesses, the bank is proud to present “Horizon Deposit”, a merchant capture based system. In addition, Horizon Bank offers advanced online banking that is Quicken© and QuickBooks© integrated for both personal and commercial banking customers.

Our team is eager to serve the personal and business banking needs of Austin and the surrounding areas, while establishing a lasting relationship with our community. If you would like more information, please click here to contact us.

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